I am the grandmother of a boy attending Brookfield East High School. At present he is on the wrestling team. A while ago he was partnered with a girl. This is so wrong in so many ways. It is morally, ethically, socially and sexually wrong. For a boy to grope a girl as can happen is unacceptable. Someday a girl will say a boy has touched her sexually and a lawsuit is in the makings.

Another grandson had a scholarship to UWO for wrestling. Since he was small he was matched with a girl several times. Because of his upbringing he forfeited every match against a girl. Because of the forfeitures he never placed in the ranking with the other wrestlers of his ability.

I understand that girls and boys have the right to participate in all sports. Girls can participate in football, basketball and many other sports with boys because they only touch each other above the waist. In wrestling there is constant touching in very private places and they wear very little clothing. If girls want to wrestle, they should have their own all girls team.

It seems OK for girls to have all girl basketball teams and other girl only sport teams. This practice has got to stop before there is a major problem. Respectfully,

Marguerite Greinke

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