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With the conference center topic there was a lot of talk about the relationship between the city of Brookfield and Visit Brookfield. Does Elm Grove have a similar tourism partner? I don't think that a Visit Elm Grove exists.

Answer: Yes, you are correct, there is no Visit Elm Grove.

According to Elm Grove village manager Dave De Angelis, the village does not have a tourism partner due to not having a need for one.

"We don't have any specific tourism money being generated through room tax, so we haven't participated formally with anyone," De Angelis said.

De Angelis noted that Elm Grove has not collected any room tax revenue since it purchased and removed the Sleepy Hollow Motel on Bluemound Road over 10 years ago.

"That was our only source of room tax revenue and with that went any participation in any kind of tourism activities," De Angelis said.

In the future if certain activities or new developments in Elm Grove did demand the assistance of a tourism promotion partner, De Angelis said he is unsure how the village would approach it.

"I don't know how we would go about that," De Angelis said. "There's Visit Brookfield, there's Visit Milwaukee. We're kind of right in the middle so it would depend on what it was for. We don't have any business that feeds directly off of tourism. The city of Brookfield has hotels. We don't have that type of economic base here."

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