VILLAGE OF ELM GROVE - The concept of term limits for public servants has been talked about on a national level for a long time.

In Elm Grove, the topic has arisen in recent months. While much of the call nationally stems from negative feelings about the way things operate, Elm Grove is moving as a result of a positive problem.

“We have the blessing of having people who love serving on our committees and we really like the work they do,” Elm Grove village president Neil Palmer said.

Committee members in Elm Grove work on a completely volunteer basis with no stipends or salaries provided.

“We have dozens and dozens of residents who want to serve,” Palmer said.

At Monday’s meeting of the village board, Palmer referred a draft for an ordinance that would establish term limits to the village’s administrative and personnel committee.

“We’ve talked about this before. This is the first crack at making some changes,” Palmer said. “What I want to do is generate the conversation.”

Palmer noted that one village resident has served on the same committee for 26 years.

He said they only have a small number of slots for citizen members.

“People have stayed a really long time and this is just a discussion to see ‘How do we create some turnover without it being a bad feelings situation?’” Palmer said. “At least we have a vehicle now to talk about it. If we do, in terms of the policy issue, agree we want to make some changes then (the ordinance) will go through (the) legislative (and licensing committee).”

The Elm Grove administrative & personnel committee is next scheduled to meet March 13.

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