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Hello, I am new to Elm Grove and like it very much. I heard that a lot of people volunteer here and I was wondering how I can get involved with one of the government committees. I would really like to meet more people and give back to the community.

Answer:  Well, getting picked for one of the committees is no guarantee, but maybe I can at least help you take the first step!

It's pretty simple, really.

Any Elm Grove resident is welcome to submit an application to be considered for one of the village's government committees.

"They can either stop by village hall or they can go to our website and fill out a form and a copy of that will end up with me," Elm Grove village president Neil Palmer said.

Elm Grove Village Hall is located at 13600 Juneau Blvd. and the village's website is

Palmer noted that if you are interested in volunteering for a committee soon, you should make sure to get your volunteer form in even sooner.

"Following the spring elections, that's when I consider new members and new appointees," Palmer said. "I would advise people to get a copy in soon and they'll be considered."

Don't get too excited though. As you noted in your question, people aren't shy about offering their services in this village.

"The one caution I'll give is there's lots of people who want to serve, so it doesn't always happen right away," Palmer said. "I make the nominations and then the board approves all appointments. There are always more people wanting to serve than there are spots. It's a wonderful problem to have."

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