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Last year it was talked about that the village of Elm Grove might be banning Airbnb. Did anything ever come from that?

Answer:  Yes, the village board did end up approving an ordinance that will make Airbnb much more difficult to utilize in Elm Grove.

In December village president Neil Palmer and trustees voted 6-1 to approve the proposed ordinance which outlaws renting rooms or apartments on a less than 30-day basis.

"The board felt it was important to try to get ahead of this trend a little bit," Elm Grove village manager Dave De Angelis said. "The feeling was that we don't want to all of a sudden have a ton of this going on and try to play catch-up by regulating it."

Palmer believes that the ordinance properly addresses the concerns and complaints that he and other public officials began hearing last summer.

"It was clear when we looked at the issue based on the series of complaints that we had kind of a hole in our village ordinances," Palmer said. "Certainly we want to allow people to rent their homes, but we don't want to be this place where there is room or home rental taking place on a day-by-day basis."

Palmer had previously noted that short-term rentals could be a potential public safety issue due to neighbors not knowing who the current resident at a property is and who might be a suspicious character.

De Angelis added that the constant flow of different people is also unfair for residents.

"As a neighbor to a property like that, you didn't sign up to live in a single-family residence next to someone who's going to regularly rent out three rooms in their house and have a steady stream of people coming and going," De Angelis said. 

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