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Hello. I love Elm Grove's park. I was wondering if they have ever thought about making it more accessible. It's huge, so it seems weird that there is only the one entrance.

Answer:  It's been thought about, but there's no specific solution on the horizon.

If you were talking about entering the park in your car, that seems quite unlikely due to a large portion of the park's northern areas being flood plain.

"Due to the land restrictions because it's flood plain, there's certain limitations to what we can do on that side of the park," Elm Grove director of recreation Erin Cross said. "At this point, we can't even put a walking path in in that part of the park."

Cross did note that in the village's new parks and open space plan, which was approved earlier this year, there are abstract ideas for more pedestrian entrances to the park.

"It was talked about in the plan. I don't think there's anything set and on the table in concrete," Cross said. "But it is something that is being discussed."

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