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A little over a year ago, Marcia Rosecky, a firefighter with the city of Brookfield died of cancer that was caused by her working as a firefighter.  Why has her name not been added to the monument for fallen firefighters in front of City Hall?

Answer: It will be.

Despite the delay, City of Brookfield Fire Chief Charlie Myers assures that Rosecky will be honored in the appropriate manner following her death last March.

"What's happening is when the memorial was established, to the best of our knowledge, there was no criteria established for placing a name on the memorial, so we've been going through a process to do research on the memorial, talk to those who were here when the memorial was established, and then working through to develop criteria," Myers said.

The city has now developed its set of criteria — which Myers says Rosecky fits — and is awaiting review from city staff and the city's Human Resources & Public Safety Committee.

"We will seek their approval of the criteria and then Marcia's name will be added," Myers said.

Rosecky died after battling myeloid leukemia for over seven years. She was a 10-year veteran of the city of Brookfield fire department and was the only female firefighter in the department when she was first hired in 1997.

Her cancer diagnosis forced her to retire in December 2008.

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