TOWN OF BROOKFIELD – Going into Tuesday’s spring election, it was known that there would be at least one new face on the town board.

You can make that two.

Challengers Terry Heidmann and Ryan Stanelle both finished ahead of incumbent Steve Kohlmann in Tuesday’s balloting. Town supervisor Dan Shea did not run for re-election.

Heidmann separated himself from his competitors, earning the support of 400 voters (35.6 percent).

“I’m staggered. I can’t believe it worked out the way it did,” Heidmann said. "I’m thankful for all my supporters and I just hope that I can do what people expect of me. I’m a happy guy.”

Heidmann said he was surprised that Kohlmann finished third.

“I like Kohlmann and I can’t believe that he was at the bottom,” Heidmann said.

Stanelle, a member of the town of Brookfield plan commission, edged out Kohlmann for the second seat by a tally of 369 to 351.

"I am extremely happy with our existing town board and I have learned a great deal from them while serving under their guidance during my eight-plus years on the town of Brookfield plan commission," Stanelle said. "My decision to run was based on departing town supervisor Dan Shea's retirement, whom I respect and consider a valuable resource."

Stanelle said he hopes to maintain the town's fiscal policies and approaches.

"Working with both (Shea) and the other board members so closely for nearly a decade makes me feel I can step in for Mr. Shea with confidence and carry out the fiscally responsible mantra both the town board and town administrator have maintained during my residence," Stanelle said. "I am hugely in favor of how the town has managed its finances during tough financial times and put itself in a position to be debt-free long term by treating its available funds the same way we would be expected to treat our own."

Kohlmann looked back fondly on what he has been a part of during his time as a town supervisor.

"I think I'm pretty proud of what we've accomplished the last couple of years. We kept the line on taxes low and the services are first-rate," Kohlmann said. "We've got The Corners project; the best is yet to come for the town. I'm glad to have been a part of it. This is just the way it goes."

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