TOWN OF BROOKFIELD – Count BelAir Cantina is one of the many tenants soon to open its doors at The Corners.

The local Mexican-California fusion restaurant chain, known for its tacos and margaritas, plans to open as soon as construction allows next month.

“Construction has us kind of at the mercy of its schedule,” said BelAir director of operations Andrew Miller. “We will be open in April for sure, but we don’t have a firm date yet from the contractors.”

The Corners itself is set to open April 8, with anchor tenant Von Maur leading the way.

BelAir is joined by fellow local restaurant Café Hollander and many others in forming the mixed-use lifestyle center, which will also include 244 luxury apartments managed by The Mandel Group. The project is being developed by Chicago-based Bradford Real Estate in conjunction with UK-based IM Properties.

Miller noted that BelAir — which has locations in Milwaukee, Oak Creek and Wauwatosa — has been looking at bringing a location to Brookfield for years.

“The community in Brookfield has been a very popular location for restaurants in the Milwaukee area, and with the development of The Corners and building the relationship with developers and the town it just kind of all fell into place,” Miller said.

BelAir was officially announced as a future Corners tenant in October 2016.

“We have had our eye on BelAir for some time as the type of regional favorite eatery that people will flock to and that will help us create a sense of community for our guests and residents alike,” said Rob Gould, IM Properties vice president of U.S. operations.

Gould noted that he and a colleague enjoyed a strong first impression with BelAir after visiting the Wauwatosa location last summer.

“I was struck by the energy, buzzy, sizzle and the sense of fun that the BelAir team have installed in their business,” Gould said. “We couldn’t be happier to have them join us.”

Miller echoed Gould’s sentiments regarding the partnership.

“A lot of local entrepreneurs have been sought for this site, and we appreciated that, and I think that’s what initially drew us to the conversation,” Miller said.

BelAir’s fifth location will have indoor capacity for about 130 to 135 diners, with outdoor seating for another 100.

The restaurant will feature the same menu as its counterparts in other communities but will also have some variety in its seasonal margaritas and tap beer selection.

In addition to its expansion around the Milwaukee area, BelAir also plans to open a new location in Madison this summer.

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