It's a game of musical chairs in the town of Brookfield's race for town supervisor.

Incumbent Steve Kohlmann will be challenged by Ryan Stanelle and Terry Heidmann with two seats available on the town board. The two candidates who receive the most votes April 4 will join supervisors John Schatzman and Pat Stroebel and town chairman Keith Henderson on the board. Incumbent Dan Shea is not running for re-election.

If elected, what would be your primary goals, both short- and long-term, while in office?

KOHLMANN: Short Term: If reelected, support of our new town administrator and new town clerk as they get up to speed is vital. In addition, seeing The Corners project to the end is also critical; that development has a lot of moving parts to it. Long Term: Maintain the town budget with a frugal eye, keep the high services we’ve come to expect on solid footing.

STANELLE: To foster the fiscally responsible approach maintained by town administration during my 11-plus years of residence, ensure the success of current developments, address vacant properties, attract new growth to further improve the tax base, and work cohesively with residents to keep the town a destination for families and business.

HEIDMANN: I would like to keep the town, the town. This may sound old school, but I love the input a taxpayer can have in town government. Long and short, I would like to keep taxes low, service high and keep the feel of a town once you are off Bluemound.

The town's new jewel, The Corners, is set to open. In addition, we've already begun to see other projects popping up around it, such as the Wisconsin Athletic Club. What do you envision for the area around Goerke's Corners in the years to come?

KOHLMANN: I have been involved with The Corners project from the start and there’s no doubt it will spark new development and revitalization to the area. But any new development has to fit. I would support an area master plan to have a roadmap for future development, timeline of such and traffic flow patterns are understood and properly managed.

STANELLE: As The Corners takes shape this summer, I foresee additional mixed-use proposals coming east of The Corners site as well as a strengthening of the B-2 and B-3 Business Districts west of The Corners, as these sites can now compete with other locations for available amenities, including corporate residences.

HEIDMANN: I see the potential draw for other retailers. Thanks to my 20 years as utilities superintendent I see more utilities, DPW and a critical need to increase police and fire. What I would like to see is that the town provides these services without constraining the rest of the town.

In 2015, the town's latest attempt at incorporation was rejected. Do you believe that attempting to incorporate and become a village should still be a priority for the community? Why or why not?

KOHLMANN: I believe it is in the town’s best interest to obtain village status. However, it’s been rejected three times with the vocal opposition coming from the surrounding communities of the city of Brookfield and the town of Waukesha. With those communities dug in, and influencing the State’s Review Board, I don’t see village status obtainable for the near future.

STANELLE: Yes. While the town fully provides a high level of service equal to a village already, a primary benefit of incorporation is establishment of fixed borders, which as a member of the plan commission is important for projecting a healthy future tax base and balanced budget long term.

HEIDMANN: Unless the state of Wisconsin changes the requirements, or we can’t acquire more land, I don’t see the town becoming a village.


Steve Kohlmann

Age: 53

Address: 960 Timber Pass

Political history: Republican

Phone number: 262-797-9781

Twitter: N/A

Email: skohlmann1@wi.rr.com  

Ryan Stanelle

Age: 40

Address: 775 E. Briar Ridge Drive, Brookfield

Political history: Currently in eighth year of service on the Town of Brookfield Plan Commission

Phone number: 414-736-2058 (mobile)

Twitter: @RyanStanelle

Email: RStanelle@foley.com

Terry Heidmann

Age: 65

Address: 525 Long Beard Road

Political history: None (President of the Tri-County Water Association)

Phone number: 262-955-3807 (mobile)

Twitter: N/A

Email: theidmann@wi.rr.com

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