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When will the intersection of Pilgrim Road and Burleigh Street be completed? Work was started last year however never completed. 

Answer: Doesn't it seem like summer brings just about everything? Warm weather, baseball, beaches and the answer to your question!

Work on the intersection of Pilgrim and Burleigh is set to be completed by the end of this summer.

Last year was supposed to see Waukesha County complete its improvements there; however, the county ran into some pricing issues that delayed the project.

"The widening of the intersection was scheduled for last summer; it did not happen because the bids came in too high but the county had already worked with the utility companies to begin utility relocations at that time," city of Brookfield director of public works Tom Grisa said.

The county has rebid and come to an agreement this year.

"The initial work has started, which includes tree removal, and then the remaining utility relocations are occurring this spring," Grisa said. "Then this summer the contractor is going to do the actual work."

The intersection will be closed to all through traffic from June 12 through Sept. 1 with all project construction scheduled to be finished by Sept. 29.

"They won't close the intersection until school is out, but they want it completed essentially so that the road is open again by September 1," Grisa said.

A public information meeting will be held regarding the project in early May and a website will be established updating the public on the project's progress.

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