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A few years back Moorland Road was repaved from the Midway Hotel south to Greenfield Avenue. With the road's terrible condition, do you know when the portion from the hotel north to Bluemound Road will be redone?

Answer:  Not for a few years, but it is definitely on the county's radar.

"Oh, absolutely," were the first words out of Waukesha County director of public works Allison Bussler's mouth when I relayed your question.

The county is planning a major reconstruction of the portion of Moorland Road between I-94 and Bluemound.

"The design we are planning in 2019 and there is some land acquisition that we need to do in '20 and construction will be in that 2021-22 range," Bussler said.

The project will see the road completely reconstructed as opposed to simply being resurfaced. In addition, some minor elements of the layout of that portion of Moorland Road may change.

"There will be some safety upgrades so there might be some improved turn lanes and traffic signals to help navigate some of the traffic in that area," Bussler said.

While the road reconstruction itself will not happen until 2021, Bussler noted that the county will certainly continue pothole-patching work in the meantime.

The total cost of the Moorland Road reconstruction project is estimated at $6.75 million; however, the county has managed to obtain federal funding that will provide approximately $5 million toward that bill.

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