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Elm Grove did something to outlaw Airbnb recently, right? I live in the city of Brookfield and I'm wondering if they are planning to do the same thing here.

Answer:  No. They're not.

But that's probably mostly because they haven't had a reason to.

City of Brookfield city attorney Karen Flaherty said that Airbnb is something she has kept her eye on with nearby communities like Elm Grove and the city of Milwaukee having had discussions on it recently.

"I had discussed it with our Inspections Department and nothing had ever come to their attention," Flaherty said. "I checked on Airbnb just out of curiosity a few months ago to see if there were a lot of people trying to rent out a room or their property and it didn't seem to be an issue."

Airbnb is an online service that helps property owners find renters for extra rooms or vacant properties, often for short-term stays.

"It's become more of a problem in urban locations — if you want to call it a problem," Flaherty said. "In the city of Chicago it's not uncommon for people who are going out of town for a weekend to rent out their condo."

Last summer an Elm Grove resident brought a complaint to village officials regarding Airbnb and in December the board approved an ordinance that outlaws the rental of rooms or apartments for less than 30 days.

"We haven't had any complaints yet as far as I know in the city," Flaherty said. "If one of the aldermen feels that there is an issue or they want to be more proactive and think it will become an issue, they'd make a legislative referral and we'd see what the best way to address it is."

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