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With all the bad things that people are saying about police officers I recently tried to give a batch of cookies to the city of Brookfield police department but they told me that they weren't allowed to accept them. Is this a department rule?

Answer:  It is indeed a department rule that was implemented in 2000 when Dan Tushaus became chief of police.

Tushaus noted that while the department is appreciative of gifts and showings of gratitude, the policy to refuse gifts is in order to ensure that there is no question of police ethics. Tushaus specifically noted that accepting gifts can lead to the perception of an officer’s judgment being influenced during the discharge of his or her duties.

“While we know that your gracious gift is a sincere expression of your gratitude which we certainly appreciate, we must respectfully decline to accept it,” Tushaus said.

The department asks that citizens consider offering their gifts and donations to those in need around the community.

“We trust that you will appreciate our ethical standards and perhaps consider providing your gift to a charitable organization rather than to our officers,” Tushaus said.

Tushaus does ask that those who wish to make gifts to the department provide staff with their contact information so that he can send personal thanks.

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