City of Brookfield – Another piece could soon be in place as Brookfield continues to try to revitalize the Capitol Drive Corridor.

As the city continues to try to stimulate more development and redevelopment along its northernmost commercial stretch, the fruits of that labor are starting to bloom.

Menomonee Falls-based developer Christopher Kidd and Associates has announced plans for a nearly 14,000-square-foot building in Brookfield that would house a two-story dialysis clinic.

“The first floor will be the in-center treatment and the second floor will be home training so that people can learn to do dialysis on their own in the comfort of their homes,” Christopher Kidd and Associates project manager Jason Pyne said.

Pyne declined to say what company will be running the clinic, but did say that it is a major national provider.

“This is kind of a specialty of ours. We do dialysis clinics all over the country and, for this particular provider, we’ve done hundreds of projects,” Pyne said.

Christopher Kidd and Associates has done plenty of work on both interior build-outs to existing space as well as erecting completely new buildings, as it plans to do at 17500 W. Capitol Drive.

The city of Brookfield plan commission unanimously approved a planned development district-specific plan for the proposal at its meeting Monday, Dec. 12 and the common council followed suit Tuesday, Dec. 20. Mayor Steve Ponto was particularly impressed with the architecture of the proposal.

“I thought this is really foresighted architecture and others thought that it was a high-quality development and that it blended well with the things that are there now,” Ponto said.

Ponto noted that he believes the Christopher Kidd project to be a good step for the city towards filling in the Capitol Drive Corridor.

“We’d like to see that Capitol Heights development completed and this will help accomplish that. I think that Capitol Drive is doing very well,” Ponto said.

Pyne noted that Christopher Kidd and Associates had explored a number of other locations in Brookfield but settled on the Capitol Drive site.

“The zoning is proper for what we need and it’s a good fit for what has developed around it. Ultimately it’s up to the corporate guys to kind of decide and see that there’s enough patients and enough need,” Pyne said. “This is the site that worked out the best.”

Developers hope that the project can break ground when the weather allows this spring and potentially be completed by early 2018.

“It usually takes about six months, but this is a little bit bigger building that we’re used to so it would probably be more like nine,” Pyne said.

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