City of Brookfield - Seven inspirational quotes, five promotions, four new officers and a partridge in a pear tree.

It was a celebration of bravery, dedication, morals and hard work that filled the courtroom at the city of Brookfield public safety building Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 7.

Brookfield police chief Dan Tushaus led the proceedings for the department's annual ceremony, which recognizes promotions and introduces new officers as members of the city's finest, with a slew of quotes from historical figures such as Winston Churchill and Andrew Jackson celebrating the importance of law enforcement officers in society.

"Character, morals, doing right things, honor, responsibility, virtue, sacrifice, courage and integrity. Those are all the things; the elements we seek, we expect and demand, of our police officers," Tushaus said. "Today we're here to reinforce, to focus on, to celebrate these traits as we appoint, promote and recognize members of the city of Brookfield police department."

The ceremony was attended by friends and family of the department's officers, as well as a number of city officials.

"One of the key characteristics that makes Brookfield a premiere community is that it is a safe place to be. In an increasingly dangerous world, that is an increasingly important distinction," city of Brookfield mayor Steve Ponto said. "Today, we recognize the men and women whose mission it is to keep this community safe and we thank them for their service."

Five promoted

City of Brookfield assistant chief of police Jim Adlam was one of five officers who were recognized for promotions. Adlam replaced Dean Collins earlier this year after Collins' retirement.

"It feels good. I'm excited for the challenges of this new position," Adlam said. "I'm proud of this department and of the men and women who make it what it is."

A quartet of other promotions were also celebrated Wednesday, including Captain Thomas Vento, Lieutenant Bryan Franckowiak, Sergeant Christopher Garcia and Detective Adam Behnke.

"I'm very proud of you. All of them participated in competitive promotional processes," Tushaus said.

Detective honored

In addition to the promotions, Detective Eric Levenhagen received special recognition and a letter of commendation for his role in detaining a thief at St. Dominic Catholic Parish last winter.

On consecutive days, a thief stole purses during church services over the course of the weekend of January 9 - 10. On the second day, Levenhagen happened to be attending the service with his family and, while off duty, sprung into action. After the subject attempted to flee the scene and advised Levenhagen that he was armed, the detective was able to detain the subject until on-duty backup arrived.

"Detective Levenhagen, you are to be commended for your extraordinary efforts and actions that clearly were above and beyond what was required," Tushaus said. "Your efforts in this matter resulted in a substantial contribution to this department's mission to protect life and property. Your actions are in keeping with the highest level of department standards of excellence. I am very proud of you. I am privileged to serve with you."

New officers

A quartet of new city of Brookfield police officers were also sworn in, including Luke Switalski, Jordan Yandre, Bowen Clark and Amber Johnson.

"There is liberty and law, but if we are truly to be free, there must also be law enforcement," Ponto said. "With all the questioning and second-guessing that goes on today, it's good to have occasions like this where we celebrate our police officers and their accomplishments."

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