Town of Brookfield - Shoveling snow and carrying presents can bring about some nasty aches and pains.

Luckily for locals, there's a new clinic in town looking to bring about some relief.

Body Renovation Physical Therapy has opened its third clinic, choosing the town of Brookfield as a proper home for its first location in the western suburbs of the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Having previously offered its services in Mequon and Grafton, the clinic seeks to soothe the sufferings of its patients through the latest techniques outside of drugs and serious operations.

"What we try to do in the clinic as therapists is look at things more functionally," Dr. Benjamin Volz said. "We use some techniques which are more innovative, like dry-needling, which is a new technique similar to acupuncture. We try to stay with all the current research, all the newest and proven techniques."

Body Renovation specifically prides itself on being able to help patients who might have been given less than desirable options by other medical opinions.

"We're an option that a lot of people rely on besides pills and surgery," Volz said. "People go to their physical and the doctor is like 'Here's some pills. If that doesn't work maybe you need surgery.' We really want people to know that there's another choice and we wanted to bring that to Brookfield."

Volz is one of two doctors of physical therapy at the Brookfield clinic along with Dr. Peter Arndt.

"Both Peter and I are certified in selective functional movement assessment, which allows us to look at the entire body and how people move rather than just bits and pieces of the person," Volz said. "It's a little bit science-y or nerdy, but instead of just looking at someone's ankle, we can look at is it actually the ankle or is it something to do with their hip or their core."

Although Brookfield's Body Renovation has been open for only a few months, its therapists have been busy. The clinic prides itself on offering a committed one-hour block of time for each patient to work specifically with Volz or Arndt.

"Other clinics will have aides that may or may not even have a high school degree. Or you'll see a therapist for some of the time but then be passed onto the aides and the help," Volz said. "So you don't necessarily get to work with someone the entire time who has the degree and the experience. We really think that's the best way to help people get better."

Volz noted that dedicating that amount of time to each patient while having only two doctors at the site limits the number of clients that can be taken on at any one time; however, it balances out eventually.

"We can take on new clients faster because we get our existing clients better quicker," Volz said. "We don't prolong the treatment."

Body Renovation's services are open and often utilized by patients of a wide range of ages stretching from high-schoolers to seniors.

Brookfield resident Anne Padgett is one of the clinic's patients who worked with Dr. Volz. Padgett said that she had previously been working for eight weeks with a different therapist after three months of walking in a boot due to a foot fracture and severe ankle sprain. After switching to Body Renovation, she walked away impressed and feeling much better.

"Working directly with (a physical therapist) for full-hour sessions, my progression moved quickly. My care was individualized for my needs, not a cookie cutter program. This is what made all the difference," Padgett said.

For more information on Body Renovation Physical Therapy go to www.brookfieldphysicaltherapy.com.

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