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I don't remember if it was you or the woman who covered our community before you, but one of you answered a question about whether Riverbirch Drive is a private road. With the snow last weekend, it made me wonder if private roads like that still get plowed by the city of Brookfield. If so, why?

Answer: Nope! They do not.

"Private roads are handled privately and public roads are handled publicly," city of Brookfield director of public works Tom Grisa said.

Riverbirch Drive's residents are indeed responsible for acquiring their own snowplowing services throughout the winter.

"Normally, we don't plow any private roadways," Grisa said.

Grisa noted that in the past, a number of condo associations banded together and attempted to force the city of Brookfield to provide plowing for their roads; however, the city successfully defended the case in court.

By the way, that was indeed me who answered that question way back when. I believe it was in reference to the Greenway Trail System?

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