Widening North Avenue

will harm neighborhood

Dear Editor:

We are longtime residents in the city of Brookfield living near North Avenue. We would like to express our objections to the proposed widening of North Avenue from 124th Street to Pilgrim Road and/or Calhoun Road.

The main problem with North Avenue traffic are the backups at the intersection of Pilgrim Road and North Avenue caused by trains crossing both streets. Widening North Avenue will not alleviate this problem and the greater amount of traffic will only make the backups worse.

The additional traffic and road width will restrict access to Wirth Park and the bike trails by both adults and children living in the neighborhoods south of North Avenue.

The additional traffic and noise associated with a for-lane highway are not compatible with the primarily residential nature of the neighborhoods through which it passes.

The proposed width of the highway including grading easements will destroy the property value and quality of life of the residents along North Avenue due to the removal of many of the trees that add beauty and tranquility to the corridor.

Brookfield already has two high-speed, four-or-more lane highways flanking North Avenue to the north and south, with Bluemound Road and Capitol Drive. Brookfield does not need another super highway bisecting its neighborhoods.

Our elected officials espouse fiscal responsibility during their election campaigns. The expenditure of $11 million to $16 million of taxpayer money to solve a perceived problem that can be solved for far less expense than the cost of another four-lane highway would show that they really believed in fiscal responsibility.

Repaving North Avenue with the possible addition of one or more wide-outs to allow for traffic to pass cars turning left will provide for adequate traffic flow and maintain the residential character of the neighborhoods.

David Gennrich


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