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A resident asks: I am a resident of Elm Grove and a frequent visitor to the library. Last year they did a survey to gather data for making a new strategic plan. Has that plan been formed yet? And if so, why was it not reported on?

Answer: The plan has not yet been decided upon! I wouldn't have missed it, I swear!

The Elm Grove Library's staff and board are continuing to work on a draft of the plan for the library moving forward.

'We are at the point that we're getting staff input now,' Elm Grove Library director Sarah Muench said. 'We're nearing the end.'

Muench said that getting input from the staff is one of the last steps in formulating the final version of the strategic plan that will then be brought before the library board. However, Muench noted that since much of the staff is part-time, it may take a decent amount of time to get input from everyone.

'We have almost all part-time staff. I'm meeting with them when I'm able and talking to them about their input and their comments and then we'll have meetings again and then take it to the board,' Muench said.

Elm Grove Library Board president Bonnie Klamik says that the plan won't be finalized any sooner than the second half of April because that is the date of the board's next meeting.

Klamik said that she and the board are happy that library staff have been eager to contribute.

'We're really pleased that the entire staff is taking an active interest in the strategic plan since they'll be involved in implementing it,' Klamik said.

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