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A resident asks: Awhile back, it was reported that the Brookfield Convention and Visitors Bureau was considering moving in to the historic Ruby Farm farmhouse on The Corridor site. Is that still something that the organization is pursuing?

Answer: That does not appear to be the case any longer.

Visit Brookfield CEO and President Nancy Justman said that the organization might be interested in making the Ruby Farm farmhouse its new home soon after plans for Irgens' The Corridor were announced; however, Justman said that that is no longer the case.

'We have talked about that a little bit further with Irgens at this point and I do not think that we will move forward with that plan,' Justman said.

Visit Brookfield is currently in a lease at 17100 W. Bluemound Road that Justman said runs through April 2018.

Initial plans for The Corridor in the summer of 2014 called for only the farmhouse to be re-purposed at the current site of the historic farmstead while developers had planned to relocate the barn.

That proposal was met with backlash from both residents and elected officials and, later that year, Irgens agreed to retain and plan for the re-use of both structures.

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