Elmbrook tests should not be immediately after break

Dear Editor:

The decision by the Elmbrook School District to place the very significant assessment of third quarter final exams the second day back from spring break is unfair to all students at Brookfield Central and Brookfield East. The timing is completely wrong. All students deserve a break that is really a break — stress-free from the rigors of the educational arena. The Elmbrook School district applauds itself on its rigorous program, but spring break is not the time to ask students to maintain your high demand.

It looks like a deliberate move to sort, stack, and stress our students. The high demands of this district do not meet the needs of all students even though it has been stated, 'every student, every time, all the time.' The reality is that there are students that do struggle with the high demands of the school day. Maybe 'every student, every time, all the time' — even during spring break — is what this statement means. I would give a proficient to the students who decide to enjoy their vacation!

Why have the 'adults' made it so difficult for our teens to feel comfortable and confident with their future? One of the reasons could be this one. As a collective group of educators and parents, we don't care. But, there are some that do. I do.

There is no valid reason for choosing the week after break other than convenience or lack of thought. The board of education, administrators, and/or the superintendent, need to change this schedule. It is not that hard to do. Demonstrate the care you have for the kids in our community. Concerned parents, please call your board members, administrators, and Superintendent Mark Hansen. These decision makers can be reached at Elmbrook School District: (262) 781-3030. Superintendent Hansen is at ext. 1123. Board members extensions can be found at

Carol A. Engel


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