One of Elmbrook's elementary schools has been honored this year for its ongoing efforts to improve the performance of its students.

Last month, Burleigh Elementary School was named a Title 1 School of Recognition, an award that recognizes schools for closing the gap in performance between its general student population and those from certain sub groups.

'The Title 1 funding is based on those students who qualify for free or reduced lunch,' Burleigh Principal Christian Pleister said. 'It's primarily geared towards those students, but we also focus on students who receive special education, English language learning services and more.'

Burleigh is in the top 10 percent of schools in the state of Wisconsin to have shown growth in reading and math achievement for those students.

'We've narrowed the gap to 3 points or less between our overall population and the sub groups that we're targeting,' Pleister said.

That 3-point gap refers to the percentage of students that test as 'Proficient' or 'Advanced' on state standardized tests. This year, that test was the Wisconsin Forward Exam.

Pleister credits his teachers and students for their hard work, but specifically gave thanks to the learning specialists and instructional coaches in the Elmbrook School District for making the school's Title 1 award possible.

'I think we're very fortunate at Elmbrook to have them. They really work well with the teachers in order to implement different strategies to reach as many students as possible,' Pleister said. 'We really pride ourselves on how much we try to individualize instruction.'

Burleigh is one of 26 schools across the state designed as a high progress school and is the second elementary school in the Elmbrook district to receive the Title 1 School of Recognition achievement following Dixon last year.

The school will be recognized at a ceremony at the state capitol in Madison March 14.

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