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A resident asks: Is there any thought in our city government being given to the eradication of turkeys, as they yearly do for deer? We are inundated with them — around 28! My husband uses a scraper at times to walk the driveway to get the mail; they seem to prefer asphalt to the surrounding woods for their bathroom duties.

Answer: There have not been any talks by the city of Brookfield to start population control for wild turkeys at this time.

That being said, a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources customer service representative did acknowledge that wild turkeys are a nuisance that the department hears about regularly.

The representative said that wildlife staff at the department have talked about the issue, but that generally property owners are encouraged to do more passive things to alleviate the issue, such as creating deterrents.

Mayor Steve Ponto and city of Brookfield Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry Bill Kolstad say that the city has not talked about the topic yet.

'I think the turkey population in Brookfield is a relatively recent development in the last few years and we really haven't focused on that,' Ponto said. 'Nobody has complained to me about the number of turkeys yet.'

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