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I know this has been asked in the past, but the path on the west side of Pilgrim Parkway across from Pilgrim Park Middle School still has not been repaved. Is this ever going to happen?

Answer: I think this time we finally have a solid answer for you.

I think.

This was asked last June and I was told maybe in the fall. It was asked again in November and the gentleman filling in for me while I took some time off for Thanksgiving was told not until at least this spring.

Well, it won't be this spring. But it is on the horizon.

"It is scheduled for this summer or early fall," city of Brookfield Director of Public Works Tom Grisa said. "We wanted to wait until the ground had settled and that area is particularly subject to flooding in the springtime so we didn't want to do anything in the spring."

The path was originally removed as part of the Underwood sewer replacement project. Signs currently stand on both ends of it as a warning to pedestrians and cyclists.

"It's a safety thing. We are concerned that if somebody's on a bike and they're on a paved section and then it gets to gravel it could be a problem," Grisa said.

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