Kids looking for a summer job? Adults looking for a makeover for your house?

Both sides of the coin can stay local this summer thanks to a recent Brookfield East High School graduate’s internship.

Christian Simon, a 2015 Brookfield East graduate, has earned an internship that will see him essentially running his own business this summer through College Works Painting.

Simon, a sophomore at UW-Madison, will be tasked with managing the painting of houses around Brookfield and Elm Grove this summer as well as hiring good help to achieve that end.

“Basically I’ve been given the opportunity to run my own company this summer,” Simon said. “My position is being the branch manager of the Brookfield and Elm Grove area so I’m trying to make it as much of a local thing as possible.”

As such, Simon has set his sights on hiring students from both Brookfield East and Brookfield Central high schools to help him out with painting throughout the summer. He's also hired three East students — including his younger brother Peyton — to help him with marketing for the season.

Simon is double-majoring in biology and economics and was first introduced to the idea of interning with College Works when the company visited one of his classes.

“It’s just another aspect of the scholastic world that I haven’t had much experience in, but I thought I could excel in,” Simon said. “Being a leader is something I’ve always done. Back in high school I was captain of the basketball team for two years, I was a class officer and president of the Best Buddies organization. I always like taking on a leadership role.”

In total, Simon expects to hire at least 10 people but that number could grow depending on the demand for services.

“Ideally it will be somewhere between 10 and 20," he said. "It depends on the workload that I actually get from sales this summer."

College Works Painting offers internships around the country that allow students to experience leading a business for the summer. In Wisconsin, approximately 130 interns are chosen from over 1,000 candidates.

“It’s actually a very selective interview process,” College Works Painting district manager Dane Mauland said. “What we look for is willingness to work hard; people who want to aspire to be something great.”

Mauland said College Works internships are open to all grades and all majors.

“For the internships it has a lot of skills that you develop running your own business that can be applicable to any career field,” Mauland said.

Revenue from sales is sent directly to the company and then paid out to employees after interns like Simon report hours worked.

Pay for painters will start at $9 an hour but Simon said wages will increase the longer that employees stay involved.

For those interested in applying for a position or seeking painting services, Simon can be contacted at 262-527-6555 or by email at

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