Brookfield Academy

Brookfield Academy is proud to announce that sophomore Andrew Laeuger earned the highest possible composite score of 36 on his ACT college admission and placement exam. According to Sharon Koenings, assistant head of school and director of college counseling at Brookfield Academy, “ACT test scores are accepted by all major U.S. colleges and universities, and an exceptional score of 36 provides these schools with evidence of a student’s readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead. Our college preparatory curriculum provides our students with the skills they need to perform extremely well with the coursework they choose to pursue beyond their high school years. Every year, 100 percent of our students graduate and attend college or university.”

Andrew and his parents, Michael Laeuger and Mary Jo Szydel-Laeuger are New Berlin residents.

Two Brookfield Academy Latin scholar teams competed against 22 other top Latin school teams at a Certamen competition hosted by Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. Students tested their knowledge of Roman culture, history and mythology, along with the Latin language. One team, comprised of Middle School’s Noah Abuhajir, Niels Armbruster, and Ali Warraich, along with the Upper School’s Kyle Jain, tied for first place in the final round, but lost on the third set of tie-breaker questions to finish second. The other team, comprised of Middle School’s Hassan Allaqaband, Mishaal Omer, Daniel Perelman and Ashley Zhu, also made the finals and finished third. Perelman was named MVP of the entire tournament.​

Brookfield East

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker visited with students, staff and community representatives at Brookfield East High School April 5 to learn about how students are preparing for college, career and life, and to promote support for a $649 million increase for all Wisconsin K-12 schools proposed in his biennial budget. Walker engaged with students in Architectural Drafting and Introduction to Programming courses, and learned about career skill development from Business Leadership students in the Spartan Union Coffee Shop.

Brookfield Elementary

Dan Westfahl, principal at Brookfield Elementary School, was named Wisconsin's Elementary Principal of the Year on Thursday, April 6, by the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators. Representatives from AWSA joined Elmbrook's senior leadership team in a surprise reveal to Dr. Westfahl in the Brookfield Elementary library, accompanied by his family, teachers, students and school leaders.

Burleigh Elementary

Please mark your calendars for the following spring concert dates: kindergarten & second-grade concert - May 8 at 6:30 p.m., first-grade & third-grade concert - May 9 at 6:30 p.m., fourth-grade and fifth-grade concert - May 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Dixon Elementary

Dixon's Innovative Garden received a generous grant from Kohl's to promote the education of health and wellness. Not only that, they sent 12 volunteers to help with projects for the garden on April 5. In just three hours, they accomplished the following (and more): built three raised garden beds, dug 32 holes for milkweed, cleaned out garden beds, set up rain barrels, mixed soil and planted 600 seeds and mulched the pathway by the garden, some of it the rain.

Elmbrook School District

LAUNCH is the bridge that takes a student's professional aspirations and puts them to action with local businesses. As a collaboration of education, business, and community, LAUNCH is committed to providing Elmbrook juniors and seniors with unique, immersive experiences, resulting in highly skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders. The program begins in September. Elmbrook parents, guardians and community members, please consider investing in LAUNCH by sponsoring a real world project or challenge that requires students to apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions to create a viable solution or product. To apply and learn more about becoming a project champion or an engaged coach, go to

Pilgrim Park Middle School

The PPMS seventh- and eighth-grade choirs will be performing the national anthem at Miller Park on Tuesday, April 25. The Milwaukee Brewers square off against the Cincinnati Reds at 6:40 p.m.

St. John Vianney

Students in K5 have been learning all about community helpers and what a community is. Last week they had the opportunity to design their own city. They planned where the roads and buildings would go and got to name their cities. They were able to practice teamwork and let their creativity shine.

Second-grade students completed a science activity about planets. Using their background knowledge and research on real planets, teams of students created their own planets. They located their “newly discovered” planets in the solar system, measured them, and described them based on the qualities of planets they have been studying. Our visiting artist, Mr. Janicki, taught the technique of papier-mache, which students used to create bases for their planets. Students also put their writing skills to use by adding exciting and clear adjectives to describe their planets.

Fifth grade is learning about the harmful effects of acid rain on our ecosystem. Students got to experience how destructive acid rain can be by carving their own chalk "statues" and immersing them in a very acidic solution: distilled vinegar. They learned that the effects would be similar to a limestone statue being eroded over time by acid rain.

Mrs. Scaffidi's fifth-grade class created their own Jesus Tree, which depicts the 40 main events in Jesus' life (41 including Jesus' resurrection) on symbolic ornaments. Students researched the stories behind their ornaments and why they were chosen as a significant event in the life of Jesus. They then had the opportunity to present what they learned to the class.

Seventh-graders have been learning about cells, including their parts and functions. Students were challenged with the task of creating a 3D model of a cell including labels and a key containing the function of each part. Each student brainstormed, planned and created their unique cell individually. They used materials ranging from Styrofoam balls, to marbles, to cake to Play-Doh.

St. Mary’s Visitation

St. Mary's Visitation's eighth-grade students will present the “Living Stations” this week in St. Mary’s Visitation Church. The Living Stations are a Lenten tradition presented for the entire school, where the students dramatize and retell the story of Jesus’ passion and death.

Swanson Elementary

A big thank you to Girl Scout Troop 8306 for holding a donation drive for needy children. The girls collected, packaged and delivered items to a foster home. Your time and generosity are appreciated.

Wisconsin Hills Middle School

Congratulations to Aarav Barde, WHMS Geography Bee winner, who went on to compete in the state competition in March and placed ninth among the 100 state contestants.

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