The future of the Elmbrook School District may be shaped in large part by Brookfield and Elm Grove voters in a few weeks.

Two seats on the Elmbrook School Board are up for grabs and will be contested by four candidates on the ballot April 4.

Both the Area I and Area III seats are being contested. Area III's incumbent, Thomas Gehl, filed a notice of non-candidacy last year. Candidate Jimmy Schulgit was eliminated from the race in the spring primary Feb. 21.

Jian Sun and Leanne Wied are vying for the Area III seat. Here's how they responded to three questions about the district:

In recent years the Elmbrook School District has continued to show strong academic performance. What do you attribute this to and what ideas do you have to maintain, or even further improve, that performance?

SUN: The combined effort of students, teachers, parents and administrators has directly resulted in Elmbrook’s history of strong academic performance. I will continue to attract and retain the best teachers for our students. I am also a strong believer in targeting resources to strategically anticipate and address gaps in academic achievement.

WIED: I attribute our students’ success to parents who prioritize education, strong community support, and an outstanding staff who serve our students. I will work to ensure that district resources directly impact student learning and that children of all abilities are given the curriculum and support that will maximize their potential.

Last fall the school district completed a youth risk behavior survey and last year the community was hit by two student suicides. What types of measures would you like to see put in place (or reinforced if already in place) in order to make sure that the district's students are safe and healthy?

SUN: Without diverting resources away from academics, I will advocate for early intervention programs and fight to eliminate the stigma around mental health so that our students never feel uncomfortable discussing these issues. I will promote increased participation in school clubs and organizations to strengthen student bonds within our community.

WIED: The survey is an important step towards identifying problems our students are facing. Greater awareness helps in educating both staff and parents of our children’s needs. Solutions need to be community based. In addition to working with students, our schools can also help connect parents with support and resources.

The district approved a redistricting plan last fall in response to an influx of student enrollment. What are your plans for managing growth in a strong school district that continues to see more housing development and enrollment growth?

SUN: An influx of student enrollment is a positive sign for our aging district. By proactively monitoring resident student enrollment trends, I will maximize our existing capacity through redistricting and renovating as well as developing a long term plan to strategically increase capacity.

WIED: Long-term enrollment balancing must be an ongoing priority for the district. The district enrollment balancing task force work should continue. It is essential to plan for the long term to address future capacity and rebalancing issues. We must make every effort to avoid major remodeling expenditures and unanticipated disruptions.


Jian Sun:

Age: 54

Address: 2135 La Rochelle Court, Brookfield

Political history: No previous elected positions

Phone number: 262-366-6300

Twitter: @Sun4Elmbrook & Facebook.com/Sun4Elmbrook

Email: Sun4Elmbrook@gmail.com

Leanne Wied

Age: 54

Address: 1800 Dundee Road, Brookfield

Political history: N/A

Phone number: 262-784-3061

Twitter: N/A; Facebook: Leanne Wied for Elmbrook School Board


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