Brookfield Academy

Brookfield Academy’s High School Latin Club placed first in this year’s Wisconsin Junior Classical League competition in Madison. All four levels of Latin competed in Certamen finals. For the first time in school history, Brookfield Academy swept first place at all four levels. Of the more than 550 students in attendance from 13 schools, seven Academy students placed in the top 10: Kyle Jain, 10th place; Nicholas Chang, seventh place; Victoria Toledo, sixth place; Jason Tan, fifth place; Amanda Roessler, third place; Madison Hesse, second place; and Sriram Gollapudy won first place. Margot Armbruster was re-elected to her position of editor, and Mark Bechthold was elected president of the WJCL.​

Brookfield Christian

Students in the fourth grade class at Brookfield Christian School made craft items and baked goods on their own time to be sold in a "Fourth Grade Market" for a fundraising project. The students created advertising for the sale and for their own items, and priced their items based on the cost of making each unit. They manned their booths and sold items to fellow students, parents and friends. They practiced making change and adding up items on the fly. Funds raised will be donated to Sarah's Covenant Homes in India, to help orphaned children attend school. A missionary from one of the homes was present to answer questions and share her story. ​

St. John Vianney

Fourth-graders wrote personal narratives about an experience they have had in their life that includes a problem or conflict. They incorporated dialogue into their stories and enjoyed using Chromebooks to create their projects.

After learning about severe weather and how it forms, sixth-graders had the challenging task of creating a tornado-proof building. Students worked in groups to research, gather supplies, build and present their structure to the class. Students used a variety of supplies including hot glue, duct tape, cardboard, plastic bowls, paint and more. Students also used a variety of methods to construct their building so that no buildings looked exactly same.

Eighth-graders have been learning about Newton's Laws of Motion. The students were placed into three groups (representing the three laws) to create a presentation to teach the class about their law. Each group used a variety of supplies such as shopping carts borrowed from our neighborhood Pick ‘n Save, balloons, marbles, cars, pennies and more to turn their project ideas into reality.

The sixth grade girls placed second in St. Dominic's tournament last weekend.

St. Mary's Visitation

St. Mary's Visitation science teacher Kathy Biernat has been selected to receive the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts Foundation Educator Award. Through this award, the AIAA Foundation recognizes outstanding educators for their contributions to the continued study of mathematics, science and related technical studies among America's youth. Mrs. Biernat, who teaches fifth- through eighth-grade Science at SMV, will go to Washington, D.C. in May to receive the award.

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