Brookfield Academy

Scholastic Art Awards - Wisconsin has recognized 12 Upper School art students who earned 22 awards in all.

Hayden Erlinder, Honorable Mention (Sculpture); Elizabeth Geenen, Honorable Mention (Sculpture); Gabriella Hoggatt, Gold and Silver Key (two Drawing); Gabrielle Hrdlick, Honorable Mention and Silver Key (two Fashion); Jordan Kobliska, Honorable Mention (Fashion); Mary Loomis, Silver Key (Mixed Media); Jack Otto, Honorable Mention (Printmaking) and Silver Key (Mixed Media); Alejandra Salinas, Honorable Mention (two Sculpture); Navjot Singh, Honorable Mention (Fashion); Megan Vipond, Honorable Mention (two Sculpture); Fatima Warraich, Silver Key (Comic Art) and Honorable Mention (Printmaking); and Amy Xiao, Honorable Mention and Silver Key (Painting), Honorable Mention (two Drawing), and Honorable Mention (Sculpture).

Students are invited to the annual awards day ceremony at the Milwaukee Art Museum, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11. The Scholastic Art Awards - Wisconsin Exhibition runs Feb. 4 through March 19. ​

St. John Vianney

The first father-daughter dance was filled with fun, laughter and lots of dancing.

The K4 kids at SJV enjoyed a special "Day with their Dads." The boys and girls prepared portraits of their dads and a special handprint poem. The children presented their dads with a homemade tie and sang songs for them. They ended their celebration with a dance party. Everyone had a good time!

Fourth-graders new to the band program were very proud to show off their new musical skills. They participated in their very first band concert, playing for their fellow fourth-graders.

In seventh grade English/Language Arts, students created an emoji timeline to represent the various moods in "Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed." In pairs, they selected an emoji to showcase the mood of a particular part in the story. Students then had to justify why they selected each emoji using evidence from the story. In the end, the students discovered how the story impacted their own mood as they read.

Eighth-graders had a great time demonstrating how friction can affect speed. Students had the task of building their own ramp out of cardboard and books. Next, students chose three different surfaces in which to test friction. After students made predictions, they put their ramps to the test by running a toy car down the ramp, onto the surface samples, and recorded the speed and distance.

The eighth-grade girls placed third in the St. Matthias basketball tournament this past weekend. Congratulations!

With head Coach Mike Brown at the helm, the fifth-grade Lady Shamrocks won the fifth grade St. Dominic's annual tournament! Come cheer on this amazing group of girls at the next home game at 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18.

St. Joseph Catholic

St. Joseph Catholic School recently held its annual John Hochhaus Memorial Forensics Tournament. This tournament is named in honor of Mr. Hochhaus who created the St. Joseph School tournament and was an integral part of developing a middle school forensics program for small and parochial schools in the area. The tournament offers students in grades 3-8 the opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills by presenting selections from a wide range of categories including prose, poetry, group acting, infomercial, along with several other categories. Middle school students will be going on to compete in several other tournaments as they work toward qualifying for the state tournament.

St. Mary’s Visitation

St. Mary's Visitation is celebrating Catholic Schools Week with lots of fun activities for students including class spirit day, a thank you Elm Grove Community day, an all-school Mass with our special guests the School Sisters of Notre Dame and retired SMV teachers, a Geography Bee, a trivia competition, a sock collection for those in need, the SMV Talent Show and much more. Students will celebrate at the end of the week with SMV Bowling Day at New Berlin Bowl.

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