Brookfield Academy

Brookfield Academy senior Noah Jensen of Brookfield has been named a principal nominee to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado after graduation. Fellow senior Jonathan Lee of Brookfield has been named a principal nominee to attend the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York after graduation.

Brookfield Academy has had 14 service academy appointments over the years. According to Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, “The students selected this year as nominees to the United States service academies are upstanding individuals who will make their families, friends, and communities proud in both their academic and professional endeavors. A strong country needs strong leaders, and I have no doubt that these accomplished young men and women will dutifully serve their country and lead this nation into a brighter future.” ​

St. John Vianney

Mrs. Minessale came in to teach the first-graders about computer codes and algorithms. Students practiced coding with paper symbols and are looking forward to trying out their coding knowledge on the computers.

The second-graders in 2CB are learning all about sound. They have discovered how sound travels. They learned how vibrations cause sound. They have also used new vocabulary such as loudness, pitch, sound waves, and vibrate. It is exciting to identify how different objects make their sounds. The students have looked at how different instruments make various sounds. They tried to identify the contents of plastic eggs by shaking them and listening to the qualities of the sounds they made.

Third-grade scientists in Ms. Kilian's class had to search around the classroom for a "habitat" for a model insect that they created out of paper. Students colored the body of the insect so it was camouflaged into the habitat of their choice. After they secretly taped the insect in their habitat selection, they had one minute to explore the room to find as many other insects as possible in that time! At the end of the investigation, students were to infer and discuss why some insects were more difficult to find. The classroom turned into an insect zoo before their very eyes!

Fifth-grade students visited the middle school science lab. They learned about chemical and physical changes by trying various hands-on experiments.

In seventh-grade English/Language Arts class, students discovered the use of their academic vocabulary words in "real life" such as in a movie, song, book, or speech. Then students collaborated with their peers to creatively display all of the vocabulary words on one piece of chart paper.

The eighth-grade students made literature come alive! For their latest book report, they were able to create a life-sized character or impersonate a character from their novels to share with the class. This allowed for an in-depth look of personality traits, as well as setting, and allowed them to feel as if they were a part of the story.

St. Joseph Catholic

Last week, second-grade students worked on their second STEM project. They created circuits, including squishy circuits. The students then used their circuits to build “wobblebots” with parts they made using the 3D printer. Our second graders tested their wobblebots’ ability to create art. They were please to find out that, indeed, the wobblebots could draw on their own, proving they could indeed create their own art projects!

St. Mary’s Visitation

St. Mary's Visitation families will kick off Catholic Schools Week with the school's annual Chili Chomp and Book Fair on Friday, Jan. 27. Then on Sunday, Jan. 29, SMV will open its doors from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for an Open House. Prospective families are invited to enjoy a complimentary pancake breakfast, tour the school and meet St. Mary's faculty and families. Call the school for more information, 262-782-7057. In addition, many fun activities are planned for students throughout the week to celebrate the Catholic Schools Week theme, “Catholic Schools, Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”

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