Brookfield Academy

Brookfield Academy’s Upper School Math Team competed in the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) OP Math Contest. Our A team placed first overall; our B team placed third overall. Lijia Wang, Yuran Liu, Emma Lenz, Ravi Kodali, and Andrew Laeuger earned medals. Lijia earned a perfect score! Congratulations to all participants!

St. Dominic Catholic School

The students at St. Dominic Catholic School took time out from their studies to visit the Secret Santa Workshop on Friday, Dec. 9. Students were able to purchase gifts for their families and friends through the help of the Home and School Association and many of Santa’s elves.

St. Joseph Catholic School

December 5-11 was Computer Science Education Week. During this week, students around the world learned about coding. “An Hour of Code” is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour. Our fourth-grade students have been working on coding since November. The coding program helps students learn the basic concepts of Computer Science using drag and drop programming. During this special week, students were able to try coding their own sports game. An “Hour of Code” is just the first step for students to learn more about how technology works and how to create software applications. Our fourth grade will continue to explore coding throughout the year.

St. John Vianney School    

Prior to Thanksgiving, middle school students provided service to Saint John Vianney Parish. They worked for nearly two hours in their Unity groups (a mixture of sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders). Service projects included: counting and sorting food drive items for St. Vincent de Paul, polishing rocks for an Advent display in church, cleaning the church and storage closets, and painting Christmas display boards. As the students volunteered their time and talent, they demonstrated virtues of responsibility, compassion, and perseverance. They worked side by side in unity and then composed reflections about their service experience.

Third-grade students in Ms. Kilian's class participated in a science experiment where they learned how blubber keeps animals, like polar bears, warm in ice cold water. Students put one bare hand in ice water and the other in a "blubber mitten," which simulated blubber using Crisco shortening in a plastic bag. They made observations and recorded how both of their hands felt and why their hand in the "blubber mitten" stayed warm and dry. It was a "cool" experiment!

Mrs. Scaffidi and Ms. Bach teamed up with fifth-graders this holiday season on a very exciting art project -- decorating a tree at the Milwaukee County Zoo for their Trim-A-Tree program. Students made blue- and grey-themed animal ornaments in art class, while also learning about wildlife in a unit for reading class. They then took a special after-school field trip to the zoo to decorate our tree with their handmade ornaments.

Sixth-grade students worked on peer-edits for their D.A.R.E. essay. This helped students practice their skills of positive and constructive criticism.  Two students will be selected to share their essay at the D.A.R.E. graduation on Dec. 19.

Eighth-grade students recently learned about chemical reactions while participating in a science lab. They conducted experiments to identify if and when a chemical reaction has occurred. In one experiment, students attached a baking soda-filled balloon to a bottle containing vinegar. Once students poured the baking soda into the bottle, the mixture of the two substances created CO2 and inflated the balloon.

St. Mary's Visitation

St. Mary's Visitation will hold its annual Christmas Concert on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the school gym. Students in grades K4 through fifth will sing a variety of traditional Christmas carols, and the St. Mary's Band will perform as well.

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