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Has the city of Brookfield ever tried to attract a large college or university? 

Answer:  They've thought about it

"That's a valid observation," said city of Brookfield director of community development Dan Ertl.

In the past, the city of Brookfield has entertained the idea of bringing a satellite university to the community. When V.K. Development Corp. purchased the former Ruby Farms site — now The Corridor — one idea that was thrown around as part of the company's plans were for a satellite university.

"There was a thought of including some place of higher education," Ertl said.

Ertl also noted that during later potential development plans for the property the site was a candidate for the UWM Innovation Accelerator, now in Wauwatosa.

The city does house some smaller higher-education institutions, such as Herzing and Ottawa universities; a larger establishment is included in the city's 2035 comprehensive plan.

Ertl noted that he doesn't expect a future school to include dormitories or be an independent college.

"It's unlikely that it would include dormitories. It would probably be more of a commuter type of situation," Ertl said. "We have older office buildings scattered throughout the community, and they'll age as we grow. As we evolve, I could see some day that a case could be made for a conversion of a collection of some older office buildings."

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