The students of Fairview South School will get a chance to celebrate their hard work in the weeks to come after raising $7,500 earlier this month.

The school and its Friends group hosted their annual Fairview South Craft Fair and Silent Auction Dec. 2. The numbers are in, and the money is ready to be used by each individual classroom for whatever they'd like.

“The profits go to the classrooms and the teacher and the class get to decide what to do with it,” Friends of Fairview South president Wendy Heyer said. “It could be a pizza party, or it could be an outing, or it could be purchasing something for the classroom.”

Heyer noted that the $7,500 raised this year is somewhat middle-of-the-road for the event, which has been going on for around 40 years; however, she also made a point that the money is not the most important part of the annual event.

“The spirit from the craft fair is infectious, as the kids have worked so hard in creating the things that they’re selling. I’m amazed how even the kids with physical disabilities are able to come up with great projects,” Heyer said. “And then they get to use their communication skills that they’re working on as well when they interact with people about their projects.”

In total, the fair featured approximately 200 items that Heyer said a lot of people use to get a jump-start on the Christmas season, including being able to find some gifts as well as enjoying the spirit of the season.

“The push wasn’t even on making money. We’re just happy to continue the traditions and to see the friends that come out each year,” Heyer said. “There are so many people that are devoted to the school and look forward to coming to the Craft Fair and Silent Auction every year. Alumni of the school come and many parents whose kids have graduated decades ago still come for events like this because they feel so passionately about the school.”

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