TOWN OF BROOKFIELD - A Brookfield man who reportedly gave his wife a black eye after the two argued over the man's drinking in 2016 spent 75 days in jail for the crime, Waukesha County Circuit Court records show.

John Krumenacher, 56, served that jail term after violating his probation. Judge Lee S. Dreyfus originally stayed the jail time in favor of a year of probation last June when Krumenacher pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

But after Krumenacher violated the terms of his probation, the jail sentence was imposed, according to court records.

Krumenacher initially faced a misdemeanor battery charge in addition to the disorderly conduct charge when he was arrested with a 0.27 blood alcohol content last January. The battery charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

According to a criminal complaint, Krumenacher's wife told police that he punched her after she caught him trying to sneak a bottle of vodka into their home. They argued about and wrestled over the bottle, which ultimately broke, the complaint said.

Krumenacher reportedly told officers his wife's black eye was the result of a fall. When officers expressed disbelief at that explanation, Krumenacher told them to take him away, the complaint said.

Court records show that he was sentenced in June 2016 and had his probation revoked in September.

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