Looking for a new way to start your day?   

You might not have to look much further than 18895 W. Bluemound Road.

That’s the new home of Fava Tea Company.

The Appleton-based company has moved and reopened its third location after taking ownership of a previously franchisee-owned store that opened in 2013.

“We sold a franchise to someone in Brookfield. She unfortunately passed away and so we worked with the family to decide how we wanted to take things forward and we all decided it made the most sense for us to take over the Brookfield store,” Fava Tea co-owner Bryan Stafford said.


Company history

Bryan and his wife Melissa started Fava Tea in 2007. It was initially just a side job for both of them; however, they soon found that they had a full-time commitment on their hands.

“We quickly realized that this was something that was definitely bigger and had a bigger opportunity than what we had thought,” Bryan said.

The couple soon opened their second store in Greenfield in 2011.

“We focus solely on loose leaf tea. We don’t sell anything other than loose leaf tea and accessories that use loose leaf tea,” Bryan said. “We have about 350 kinds of tea in the store and we sell by the ounce.”


Bryan and Melissa took different paths towards their eventual shared idea of pursuing tea as their side venture.

“I was doing a lot of traveling — international traveling — and I would be in Europe and I’m not a coffee guy so I started drinking a lot of loose leaf tea," Bryan said. "Then, coming back to Wisconsin, I was not really finding the products that I was hoping to find. We would try Milwaukee, we drove down to Chicago, we just couldn’t find anything really there.”

Meanwhile for Melissa, tea became a more desirable alternative to coffee, which the Staffords say is a path many might be interested in following.

“The first thing is that tea has less caffeine per cup than the average cup of coffee; you’re going to get less jittery from it," Bryan said. "It’s also less acidic than coffee so that’s going to be so much gentler on your system and on your body.”


Wide variety

Fava Tea Company offers approximately 350 varieties of loose leaf tea from around the world. The business does not have a seating area, but does offer fresh tea to go and nine varieties of free samples every day.

“Someone can come in and get a sample and maybe find one of our lines that they like. It changes daily,” Bryan said.

As for the use of loose tea leaves versus teabags?

“You’re definitely going to notice a significant difference,” Bryan said. "Loose leaf tea, you’re drinking the full leaf so you’re going to get a much deeper and a much more fresh flavor."

In addition to the hundreds of varieties of tea, the business also provides accessories to help with the brewing of loose leaf tea as well as advice and education for customers who might not be familiar with the process.

“We really seek to find ways for people to make this just an easy part of their day,” Bryan said. “We really focus a lot on education within our store. For us, that’s really important.”

Fava Tea Company is open 7 days a week including from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

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