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A few weeks ago you answered a question from somebody about how much Elm Grove village employees make. I'm wondering if you could do the same thing with the city of Brookfield. I would like to know how much of my tax dollars are going to them.

Answer: Sure, I can find out for you. 

And, much like the village of Elm Grove, there are in fact zero city of Brookfield employees who earn anywhere close to $250,000 per year. But several make in excess of $100,000 annually. 

Here are the five highest-paid employees in the city of Brookfield:

  • City Attorney Karen Flaherty - $139,060
  • Director of Finance Robert Scott - $139,060
  • Director of Public Works Tom Grisa - $138,267
  • Police Chief Dan Tushaus - $128,099
  • Director of Community Development Dan Ertl - $127,723
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