Brookfield Academy

What would you do to improve human life? Brookfield Academy's Level 8 students in the Middle School engineering course tackled this question recently using their applied physics and engineering knowledge. This special course encourages students to use the engineering model and apply learned skills in a hands-on creative way. Projects include: solar panels using more cost-effective dye from food waste, life-saving flood detectors, a wearable device that predicts and relieves panic attacks, and electrical sensors that assist referees and line judges at sporting events. Top inventions will be presented to a “shark tank” board of teachers and two designs were submitted to the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

Brookfield Central

Brookfield Central senior Caitlin Locante was named one of 32 statewide Scholar Athletes by the WIAA and Marshfield Clinic. Locante is a three-sport athlete, participating in swimming and diving in the fall, gymnastics in the winter, and track and field in the spring. Earlier this year, Locante set a new state record and was named state champion for her gymnastics floor exercise routine. In addition, she also holds numerous school records, is a conference and sectional champion, and is a member of the National Honor Society and Key Club.

Brookfield East

East junior violinist Sabrina Zhong has earned the Exemplary Soloist Award due to her outstanding performance of Preludium and Allegro at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on April 29.

Brookfield Elementary

Throughout the year, third-graders at Brookfield Elementary have been experiencing symphonic and folk music from around the world. Students will be performing some of that folk music during a celebration at 2:30 p.m. Friday, June 2 in the Bobcat Cafeteria.

Burleigh Elementary

Students will be participating in the All School STAR lessons. The word of the month for May is “Responsibility.” For our lesson this month we will be reading the book, "What if Everybody Did That?" We will brainstorm different ways each student can be responsible at home, school and in their community. We’ll end the lesson by examining responsibility scenarios.

Dixon Elementary

Memory books will go home with students who ordered them on Friday, May 12. If you'd still like to get one for your child, they can be purchased for $14 from Dixon's office.

Pilgrim Park Middle School

On Monday, May 8, Builders Club delivered the signs from Pilgrim Park students to thank the police officers of Elm Grove and Brookfield for their service. Thank you officers for all you do for our community.

Swanson Elementary

Green Bay Packers player Blake Martinez visited Swanson on May 10. Swanson students and staff donated over $4,472 in conjunction with penny wars to benefit Gold in September, an organization that raises awareness about childhood cancer. Ronald McDonald also visited and we look forward to seeing Swanson students on McDonald's placemats. A special thank you to retired teacher, Sue Mikulecky for heading up the G9 effort.

St. Dominic

Parishioner Walter Stumpf shared his experiences with seventh- and eighth-graders as he participated in the Honor Flight back April. Stumpf served in the Korean conflict and was excited to share his story with the students since they wrote wonderful notes for his arrival back home. --Students were treated to High Interest Day, a day of learning that doesn’t come from any book but through experience. The day began with an exciting assembly with the Milwaukee Flyers Acrobatic Team. Thank you to our Home and School Association for providing us with such a great day of fun opportunities to try new things. Things became really fun in the afternoon when the high school students joined us for High Interest Day.


St. John Vianney

Eighth-grade students Caroline Deb Baruah and Logan Kebisek were selected to crown Mary and Jesus by their peers and faculty at St John Vianney, who believe they exemplify the virtues of Mary as she appears to us in the Bible. The fifth-graders recently worked in their literature circles. During the literature circle they discussed various parts of their weekly reading books. They each had a job to contribute to their group. Jobs that students can hold are summarizer, vocabulary enricher, connector, illustrator and discussion director. K5 students moved through different stations to explore all things plant-related. They matched the color of the plant to a green shade on a color chart, sorted seeds into a tray with the picture of different plants, explored bulbs and decided which part of the plant it came from, planted grass seeds, and sorted the parts of a plant to make their own flower.

St. Joseph

Last week, we celebrated VIP/Grandparents Day. Our special guests enjoyed a program featuring songs sung by students in grades K4-8 and music performed by our school band. Students and guests then spent time together in our classrooms where they enjoyed refreshments and special activities. We ended the day by joining together as a school community to pray the Living Rosary.

St. Mary’s Visitation

Three St. Mary's Visitation sixth-graders are the first place state winners and one of the top three in the region in the 15th annual eCYBERMISSION competition, one of several STEM initiatives sponsored by the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program. "The Washers" — Rob Fuller, Nick Kroog and Mark Kalmer — worked together to determine the effectiveness of greywater for growing plants. The teams then submitted their Mission Folder — the official write-up of the project — through the eCYBERMISSION website to be evaluated and scored by volunteer virtual judges. eCYBERMISSION, administered by the National Science Teachers Association, promotes self-discovery and enables students to recognize the real-life applications of science, math, technology and mathematics.

Tonawanda Elementary

On the Fridays in the month of May, our Student Senate will sell ice cream sandwiches for $1 each (limit one per student) to raise money for additional basketball hoops to be put on the playground. We’re hoping to get another full court on our blacktop.

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